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Want to play Delaware American Legion Baseball?

By the Commissioner, 04/06/17, 11:45AM EDT


Here's how we play baseball - and you can join us if you can make a team

American Legion Baseball in Delaware in 2017 is 11 Teams of Under 19 Baseball Players who desire to excel on the diamond, and prepare themselves to play at the next level, be it College, or Professional. Teams are sponsored by American Legion or other Veteran's Organization Posts in Delaware.

We play by American League rules, with a Designated Hitter for the Pitcher, and no re-entry. 

We play 7 inning games during the season primarily because most of our fields don't have lights, but our State Tournament, and beyond features full 9 Inning games.

Our games start in early June, and we play Tuesday,  some Wednesdays, Thursday and double headers on Saturday. In addition, some teams take weekend trips to tournaments in our region. The goal is a maximum of innings played, and playing real Baseball at a very demanding level of both performance and sportsmanship.

Playing American Legion Baseball requires a strong commitment of both your ability, talent, and time, some of the National World Series teams have played more than 50 games before they get to Shelby,  but we can promise that if you play American Legion Baseball, you will be seen by every College Coach in Delaware, and by many College and Professional Scouts who attend our games.

If you want to participate in a competitive Baseball League, and maybe play on TV in August (at the American Legion World Series in Shelby NC) - Click the banner below, and fill out the form. We'll send your completed form to the team in your area - The Rest is Up to You.