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    Post 28 Fielding A Team for 2024 Season

    By Aaron Mushrush. Cape Gazette 06/09/2024, 6:45am EDT

    Post 28 Oak Orchard Fielding a Team for 2024


    American Legion Post 28 fielding baseball team for 2024 season

    Cape, Sussex Central, Sussex Tech, Sussex Academy, IR, Delmarva Christian players welcome

    Delaware Post 1 secured the 2023 championship despite rain delays against Stahl Post 30. The former comprises Saint Mark’s players, while the Stahl Post 30 will become the eighth baseball program inducted into the Delaware Baseball Hall of Fame during the Wilmington Blue Rocks June 19 home game against the Aberdeen Iron Birds. Shown in back are (l-r) coach Ray Piekarski, head coach Tommy Freeland, Zach Czarnecki, Steven Mann, Kyle Reader, John Klepacki, Todd Gilardi, Andrew Shute, Brett Walmsley, Tyler Satterfield, Cam Coco, Chase Thorton, coach Joey Potts and Jon Castro. In front are Dylan Pirrung, Solomon Abdullah, Tyler Pirrung, Chase Fleming, Garrett Quinn, Tyler Mosher and Shawn Satterfield. SUBMITTED PHOTO

    Aaron R. Mushrush

    June 6, 2024

    The bat signal has gone up in Sussex County.

    No, not the bat symbol that spurs a zealous vigilante into action, but a call to all baseball players in and around the Cape Region, born between 2005 and 2011, wanting to face varsity-level competition this summer. 

    Bob Manelski, chair of the Delaware American Legion Baseball Committee, coached the Charles Durney Post 27 team for several years and moved to the Cape Region during the pandemic. By that time, several of the American Legion teams in Sussex County had already folded or would fold during the lockdowns. Elected to his position for the 2024 season, Manelski is hoping to resurrect a few programs in Sussex County, but is focusing on American Legion Post 28 in Oak Orchard for 2024.

    “We’ve got [Post] 28 agreeing to have a team this year, and our problem is that we need to recruit ballplayers,” Manelski said. “The high schools available here – Cape, Central, Tech, Delmarva Christian, Sussex Academy and Indian River – can all play for Post 28 because it’s the closest team in the area.”

    The tradition of American Legion baseball is woven into the fabric of America’s pastime, turning 100 years old in 2025; roster construction is similar to the town teams of yesteryear. Traditionally, the Oak Orchard branch would comprise Sussex Central and IR players while Cape athletes would represent Post 17. Sussex Academy, Sussex Tech and Delmarva Christian players would play for the post closest to their address. For now, Manelski just needs to build out Post 28.

    “[Post] 28 has been gracious; they've been wanting to start a team for a couple years,” Manelski said. “Next year, I'm concentrating on Post 17; I'm also trying to get Seaford and Milford back in.”

    Preliminary discussions with Post 28 have indicated the fifth-largest post in the country is willing to assist with affordability.

    “They’re pretty much going to pay for most of it, so the fees are not going to be that high,” Manelski said.

    He believes the cost will be around $100, covering registration and uniforms, but the cost varies from post to post, maxing out at about $300. Manelski noted it would be far less than the cost of travel ball, and he thinks the benefits of consistently facing high-level competition locally far outweighs playing in tournaments that can be several hours away. Legion baseball is also attempting to avoid scheduling conflicts in 2024.

    “We’re moving most of the games, if at all possible, to Monday through Thursday so the kids have Friday, Saturday and Sunday either for work or for travel,” Manelski said.

    Players aged 13-19 are eligible to play for Post 28, whose home games will be played at Delmarva Christian HS in an effort to minimize commutes through congested areas. An 18-man roster needs to be submitted by Tuesday, June 25, and the team currently in need of players. The first game is scheduled for 6 p.m., Thursday, June 13, at Saint Mark’s High School in Wilmington. Steve Newman has been tabbed as the head coach, and Manelski said they are looking for more volunteer coaches.

    Anyone interested in playing can register online at or call Newman for details at 302-236-5435.

    According to Manelski, more than half of all Major League Baseball players have participated in American Legion baseball.


    By Bob Manelski 05/09/2024, 1:30pm EDT

    Delaware Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame Inductees Class of 2024

    One of the most successful baseball programs at any level in the state, the Joseph B. Stahl American Legion Post #30 in New Castle has been in existence for 59 years this spring. They become the eighth team/program to be inducted into the Delaware Baseball Hall of Fame.

    During those previous 58 seasons, Stahl Post has produced numerous state championships, national championship tournament appearances, notable coaches, and over 500 talented players who have gone on to compete at the college, professional, and Major League level.

    Overall, Stahl Post has captured 33 state championships, won three regional titles, made three World Series appearances, and had 33 players drafted or signed professionally, including seven who went on to play in the Major Leagues. In 1967, Joe Cherico won the American Legion national batting championship.

    Four others – Pat Ramone, Tripp Keister, Dave May, and Donovan May – have become MLB scouts and nine more - Fred Bloom, Riley, John Bednash, Ramone, Jim Sherman, Matt Brainard, Keister, Jim Fallers, and Dave Beccaria – have become college head coaches. Another 17 alumni have been inducted into the Delaware Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Among the Stahl Post alumni who have played at the Major League level are Cliff Brumbaugh, Derrick May, Kevin Mench, and Brett Oberholtzer

    The induction will take place at Frawley Stadium on June 19th at 6 PM prior to the Blue Rocks Game.

    DEBCA website Class 2024 Press Release

    Interested in playing legion ball in 2024

    Click the big blue "Register: I want to Play" button below:

    This will send us your information so we can forward it to the correct team in your area. Each team in Delaware American Legion Baseball has a base High School, if you attend that teams base school you must try out for that team, if you attend another school you have the option to play for the team closes to your school or closes to your home. Please feel free to contact the team which you plan to play for with any questions. Contact if you need assistance.

    Our Coaches may choose to contact you, but you should watch the calendar on the front page, our League Facebook Page (@debaseball) or your team's Facebook or Twitter page for information on their open team tryouts since that is how most of our teams recruit Their Players.

    2024 State Seeding


    Wins Ratio
    D.C. Harrison Post 14


    Stahl Post 30 3 .166
    Delaware Post 1 2 .111
    Delvets Post 1 2 .111
    Fox Post 2 2 .111
    Post 28  0 .00
    Post 10 Generals 0 .00

    Wins based on scores report 



    In 2023, the Department Baseball Committee has changed the seeding method used for the State Tournament.

    Teams will be seeded based on a ratio of games won versus games scheduled. Right now every team has 18 games on the schedule. Divide the number of wins by 18 and you'll get number we'll use to seed teams. Higher the number, higher the seed.

    The American Legion Baseball Code of Conduct

    Championship Pin

     I will:

    • Keep the rules
    • Keep faith with my teammates
    • Keep my temper
    • Keep myself fit
    • Keep a stout heart in defeat
    • Keep my pride under control in victory
    • Keep a sound soul, a clean mind, and a healthy body


    1.    To inculcate in youth a better understanding of the American way of life and to promote the principles of 100 percent Americanism.
    2.    To instill in the nation’s youth a sincere desire to develop within
    themselves a feeling of citizenship, sportsmanship, loyalty and
    team spirit.
    3.    To aid in the improvement and development of the physical fitness of our country’s youth.
    4.    To build for the nation’s future through our youth.

    We've been playing in Delaware for 92 Years!

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