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Delaware American Legion Baseball in 2020 - Update April 18th

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The Department of Delaware has cancelled the All Baseball Activities for 2020

With the circumstances facing our nation and state, the Department of Delaware made a decision yesterday (April 18) as to a 2020 American Legion Baseball season. The decision was in the best interest of The American Legion and our nation’s youth. The well-being and health of the players, coaches, and parents have to be taken into account. The logistics of starting a season beyond the normal starting time, shortened season and practice times, finances, and the uncertainty of the lifting, partial or fully, of the multiple social restrictions under national guidelines and the Delaware state of emergency. And, based on our Governor’s and other state and national leaders statements, the return to normalcy, whatever that may mean, is still months off with total return, well into the future.

None of us have not seen anything like this in our lifetimes, and caution and common sense were used in the deliberations. The Department of Delaware held a Special Department Executive Committee meeting, yesterday, April 18, 2020. The Department has canceled its 2020 American Legion Baseball regular season and any post-season tournament play. We are communicating to the Post Commanders, Post Adjutants, and team managers and coaches in as much that the 2020 Delaware American Legion Baseball season is canceled, and use of The American Legion name, emblem and baseball logo are no longer authorized for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.

(Updated 4/20/2020)


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2019 Point Standings

Final Seeding

Seeding by Current Points
  1. Delvets Post 1 (17-0) 34 +
  2. Fox Post 2 (12-6)  24 +
  3. Stahl Post 30 (13-6)  26
  4. DE Post 1 (7-7) - 14
  5. Canal Post 25 (8-7)  12**
  6. Nanticoke Post 6 (5-14) 10
  7. Smyrna Post 14 (5-11)  4***
  8. Post 10 Generals (1-15) -2***
  • Top 6 Teams by points earn a berth in  the State Tournament.
  • The Two Divisional Champs (+) are seeded 1 and 2 based on points, the next 4 are seeded  by points. #1 plays 6, 2 Plays 5, etc.

* = Forfeit (-2 points)

+ Head to Head

++ Score Differential

The American Legion Baseball Code of Conduct

Championship Pin

                           I will:         

Keep the Rules;
Keep Faith with my teammates;
Keep my temper;
Keep myself fit;

Keep a Stout heart in defeat;
Keep my pride under in victory;
Keep a sound soul;
A clean mind;
And a Healthy body

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