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    And the Season Starts...

    June 8th


    The Official 2023 Schedule is Posted on this site, and we'll be keeping track of the wins/losses and State Tournament Seedings right here.

    By August 1st, we'll have a team headed to the Mid Atlantic Regionals, with the goal of playing in Shelby in August!

    Let the Games Begin!


    2023 Seeding

    1. Joseph F. Stahl Post 30 1-0-0
    2. Delaware Post 1 0-0-0
    3. Delaware Veterans Post 1 0-1-0
    4. Post 10 Generals 0-0-0
    5. Walter L. Fox Post 2 0-0-0
    6. David Harrison Post 14 0-0-0
    7. Woodbridge/CKRT Post 7 0-0-0

    2023 State Tournament Seeding

    Team Wins Ratio

    Delaware Post 1


    Delvets Post 1 0 0.00
    Fox Post 2 0 0.00
    Post 10 Generals 0 0.00
    D.C. Harrison Post 14 0 0.00
    Stahl Post 30 1 .05
    Woodbridge/Post 7 0 0.00

    Wins based on scores report on 6/9

    In 2023, the Department Baseball Committee has changed the seeding method used for the State Tournament.

    Teams will be seeded based on a ratio of games won versus games scheduled. Right now every team has 18 games on the schedule. Divide the number of wins by 18 and you'll get number we'll use to seed teams. Higher the number, higher the seed.

    The Link to the 2022 State Championship Page

    The Listing of All the Games, Links to Box Scores and more...

    The American Legion Baseball Code of Conduct

    Championship Pin

     I will:

    • Keep the rules
    • Keep faith with my teammates
    • Keep my temper
    • Keep myself fit
    • Keep a stout heart in defeat
    • Keep my pride under control in victory
    • Keep a sound soul, a clean mind, and a healthy body


    1.    To inculcate in youth a better understanding of the American way of life and to promote the principles of 100 percent Americanism.
    2.    To instill in the nation’s youth a sincere desire to develop within
    themselves a feeling of citizenship, sportsmanship, loyalty and
    team spirit.
    3.    To aid in the improvement and development of the physical fitness of our country’s youth.
    4.    To build for the nation’s future through our youth.


    Team News and Updates:

    Stahl Post 30 Wins the Opener

    By rsl 06/09/2023, 4:15pm EDT

    Stahl Prevails in a Close Game, win over Delvets Post 1, 3-1

    Joseph Stahl Post 30 put up 3 runs on a hazy evening at Wilson Field, to win their opening game, 3-1 over Delvets Post 1.

    Delvets Bats Win Another This time over Post 25

    By Chris Sullivan 07/16/2022, 8:45am EDT

    Delvets used runs in the top of the 7th to bust open a 1 run game and take the 10-6 win at Middletown High. Jack Rossi pitched 6 strong innings allowing 4 runs to go along with 8 strikeouts. Kenyon Motley had 2 hits and 2 runs scored, while Zach Frame had 2 hits and 3 RBI to lead the Delvets offense. Canal Post 25 was lead on offense by Nate Arterbridge, who had 3 hits and 4 RBI, including 2 HRs.

    Delvets Breaks a Tie to win a close one over Post 1

    By Mike Buono 07/16/2022, 8:30am EDT

    Del vets beat Post #1 in the 9-9 continuation game at St. Marks High School 10-9 in 11 innings. Collin Pie' pitch 4 strong innings to shut down post 1 bats. Del Vets offense was led by Kenyon Motley, Vince Ouffit and Sean Boogan. Sean Boogan hit a walk off right center field gap for the win. 

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